Boogie’s Bash for the Buddies Event Photography

Boogie’s Bash for the Buddies Event Photography

“Shake it Up” at the 12th Annual Boogies Bash for the Buddies

held at Aspen Mountain and the Sundeck on Friday, July 1st.  Known as the best party in town, Fendi and the Buddy Program onced again proved why this party is Fendi Fabulous with over 500 guests in attendance…

To start the evening, the dedicated and loyal Buddy Program staff members including Sole Lowe, Karmen Pittenger, Kim Kraunz, Kaitlyn Archambault, Heather Hicks, and Executive Director Extraordinaire Catherine Anne Provine (minus a few staff members Sarah Evans, Rebecca Smalley, Lindsay Lofaro, and Carleen Joseph).


Russ and Melissa Wight – one of this year’s honorees


Along with Ali and Dave Philips – guests of Buddy Program honorees Jessica and Bill Budinger


And Don and Marianne Buchholz – Here is Marianne totally decked out in Fendi…


Catherine Anne and Marianne….


Tony Mazza and his wife Mona Look-Mazza (on left) have been 20 year supporters of the Buddy Program with Tony being a Big Buddy himself and both of them supporting the Program financially all these years.  Stacy Van Praagh on the right is the President of Fendi USA, the Gala sponsor.


Tony was the recipient of some hugs and kisses from two of his favorite ladies…




Nancy and Richard Rogers are very generous, longtime supporters of the Buddy Program


Melissa Wight (left) and Dallas Snadon (right) with their friend await the beautiful gondola ride up Aspen Mountain to the Sundeck where dinner was served…


A big shout out goes to the staff of the Little Nell/Sundeck ( for creating such a beautiful and delicious meal


Boogie Weinglass and Sandy St. John – Boogie’s leadership and guidance has been the force behind the Buddy Program for over 12 years now


Catherine Anne and her loving husband John Provine


Mona Look-Mazza with Allison and Art Daily, one of Aspen’s most beloved attorneys


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May Selby of “Aspen Times” fame with two friends in the Fendi Lounge


Leisa Street and her girlfriends at the Fendi Perfume Bar



To learn more about the Buddy Program’s mission of serving the Valley’s youth from Aspen to Parachute, please visit their website at  

Thanks again to the Buddy Program for having Jackie Daly Photography as their official photographer for 10 years running…!

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