Kathy Welgos’s Big 6-0 Birthday Event Photography

Kathy Welgos’s Big 6-0 Birthday Event Photography

Kathy Welgos’s Big 6-0 Birthday Party in Aspen


Our friend Kathy Welgos turned 60 on March 8th and she hosted a wonderful dinner party at the Cloud Nine restaurant at Aspen Highlands on Saturday, March 6th. 

The guests were ready to board the snowcats at 5:45 pm and warm blankets and wine were provided to keep everyone toasty!!



Tony Welgos pointing out the beautiful sunset to Cindy Maetzold Johnson and Stephanie Kettler on the way up Highlands.


The attentive staff at Cloud Nine served drinks and appetizers first.  As the night warmed up, we had an excellent salad with a scallop on top and then a yummy butternut squash soup.


The main entree was our choice of beef or fish…I had the beef which was served over a polenta cake.  The fish was halibut and it was awesome.

Ricky Gates is on the staff of Cloud Nine and quite a famous runner in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.  His mom Trish is one of Kathy’s oldest friends as is Stephanie Kettler – all three pictured below. 


Here is an assortment of pictures from that fabulous evening on Cloud Nine!!

Ted and Cindi Davis along with Welgos boys Andy and Ryan.

The Welgos Family minus Mark who is a professional skier and had a competition in Kirkwood, California that weekend and was missed by all.

 Yours truly, Jackie Daly and happy husband Larry Swift.  Thanks to Cindy Maetzold Johnson for taking pictures of Larry and I!

Kathy Welgos, second from the left, along with Patty Simpson, Trish Gates, Lisa, Cindi Davis and Teri Hooper Huggard dancing the night away.

Birthday dessert being served…


 One of my favorites – the birthday girl looking adoringly at her loving husband Tony with Cindy Maetzold Johnson looking on…

Father Tony with son Andy and his girlfriend Mandy.

Best mountain biking & skiing buddies Teri Hooper Huggard with the best mountain biker I know of any age!!

Andy, Mandy and Jackie – the youngest of the Welgos family.

Kathy, Mandy and Jackie…

Here is the link to all of the pictures that I took that evening…Pictage.com/804441

Here is my website – jackiedalyphotography.com

Thanks again to Kathy and Tony for hosting such a warm and relaxed, once in a lifetime event.  Here’s to Kathy and her wonderful family.  Many happy and joyous returns and much love from all of your friends.  Thanks so much for having us.  Jackie and Larry


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